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Ministerial Team

Local Preachers

Sister Darleen Sampson

Sister Naila Fulton

Conference Evangelist

Reverend Ruby J. Smith

Ministry Leaders

Steward Board

Preacher's Steward

Sister Anna Fulton Miles

Trustee Board

Brother Greg Davenport, Chairperson

Leader of Class Leaders

Sister Irene Van Slyke


Christian Education

Jody Lyons, Director

Jimmy Williams, Director of Adults

Michele Saunders, Director of Young Adults

Naila Fulton, Director of Youth

Imani Romain, Director of Children

Sunday School Superintendent

Sister Anna Fulton Miles

Evangelism (Outreach Ministry)

Brother Douglas Clark, Co-Director

Sister Hayley Clark, Co-Director


Deaconess Board

Sister Lisa Davenport, President

Prayer Ministry

Sister Cheryle Lindsay - Co-Coordinator

Sister Darleen Sampson - Co-Coordinator

Women's Home & Overseas Missionary Society

Sister Lois Mitchell, President

Sister Sallie Crossley, YAMS Coordinator

Sister Jemary Clark, Y Secretary

Sister Pamela Lindsay, BUDS Supt.

Sister Barbara Williams, LMC Chair

Sister Jennifer Perry, Supply

Men of Zion Ministry

Brother Jerry Russell, President

Audio & Visual Department

Brother Junior Jean-Simon


Lay Council

Sister Erica Mortimore, President


Sister Joyce Swanston, Director

Stewardess Board

Sister Verna Clark LeFevre, President

Usher Board

Sister Karen Brown, President

Women's Ministry

Dr. Deidre Butler

Music Ministry

Brother Jimmy Williams, Minister of Musician


Male Chorus

Brother Herman Farley, President emeritus

Brother Leonard Van Slyke, President


Combined Choir

Sister Robin Barnhill Russell, President

Voices of Duryee

Sister Robin Barnhill Russell, President


Children's Choir

Sister Cheryle Lindsay, Co-Director

Sister Larissa Tucker, Co-Director

Harriet Tubman Workers

Sister Karen Brown

Sister Shari Lewis

Sister Donna DuBoise Moore

Youth Ministry & VCYC President

Sister Naila Fulton

Scholarship Committee

Victoria Lynn Cooper

Taisha Fulton

Irene Van Slyke

Audio & Visual Department

Brother Junior Jean-Simon


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