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"The Great Commission; #MissionsMatter - Globally Committed to Social Justice, Environmental Stewardship, Transformative Service and Agape Love"

Matt 28:19-20

2022 - October 16th  - Life Member Council Sunday
            November 20th - YAMS Founder Day
            December 4th - Hunger Sunday 

2023 - January 22nd  - Victoria Richardson [Y's] &
                                     Marie Clinton Day [BUDS]
            February 12th  - Agape Sunday
            May 21st         - WHOMS Anniversary
            June 17th       -  Walk-A-Mile [Supply]


Our mission mandate covers landscapes as diverse as West, Central and South Africa, England, India, Guyana, Surinam, the Caribbean Islands, as well as the United States of America. It is our hope that the Spirit of Christ will inspire a deeper appreciation to all God’s plan of reconciliation to every man, tribe and nation around the globe. Pray and serve with us as we, WIN THE WORLD FOR CHRIST.

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Age 41 to an unlimited age


Age 22-40


age 13-21


Age 1 - 12


All ages


All ages

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